We not only provide the design for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles, we also apply them as well. This means that you’re not left with the difficult task of applying them yourself, or outsourcing it to a team that does it for you. This can lead to more expense, but we can do the job for you from beginning to end with our highly skilled team.
We use the latest innovative techniques so you get the very best for your logos and branding, with expertly applied graphics that give your business a dynamic look.


We at FLS have been working with graphics for many years and each member of our team is experienced in marketing, branding and design. We fully understand the complexities that go into creating a brand and the challenges a business faces to keeping it relevant and fresh.
All our team are experienced and well trained and we’re experts in livery graphics – we can design, create and apply your vehicles from start to finish and keep the same people on the job, so you know who you’re working with.

Customer’s service and Quality

We’re great communicators and we work well with both big and small projects and work hard to tailor solutions to your business needs.
We pride ourselves on delivering on what we promise and clients come back to us because they know we deliver and add value to everything we do.
We’ll create the graphics and apply to your fleet of vehicles. We have the team and the capacity so you don’t have to worry about it.

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