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FLS are an experienced Livery Graphics Company using the latest technology in order to produce high quality graphics to the highest standards for its clients. Our clients are usually those who are in need of graphics for a fleet of vehicles.

We can help companies create a brand identity that provides what no other form of marketing can – 24hr hour advertising that can be seen by the public with a potential to reach a much broader audience.

Mass marketing targets everyone rather than a single audience – it’s long-lasting, cost-effective, and offers a more affordable way of advertising your business.

Livery Graphics – personal service using the very latest technology

Here at FLS we pride ourselves on our skill and expertise in this area, we use only the latest equipment and established production techniques always utilising the right materials and specifications for each job. Traditional quality is at the heart of what we do with a tailored service – great lead times and affordable prices that pay dividends in the long-run, with permanent logo identity so your business can always be seen.

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From design to application, FLS has it covered. Check out some of the products and services we've delivered. The results speak for themselves

Fleet Livery Solutions

Our Services

Vehicle Wrapping

We use the latest innovative techniques so you get the very best for your logos and branding, with expertly applied graphics that give your business a dynamic look.


At FLS we are able to deal with large volumes of vehicles at once from 1 – 1000 for any given project. Our use and implementation of graphics is innovative and our expertise serves us well when dealing with large volumes of vehicles as well as just one.


Successful livery design will help your business to reduce costs, giving you a successful brand image that has public exposure 24 hours a day, and of course your livery should always be consistently maintained.

We have a dynamic approach when we start managing your livery,

Graphic Design

We offer a wide variety of vinyl graphics, from designing them from scratch to application your vehicles. We also produce high visibility graphics for those that work in high risk areas at night.

Our graphic design service is based on years of experience and in-depth knowledge of branding, marketing and advertising.

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We guarantee quality, excellent customer service and superior resources, matched by skilled and experienced craftsmen.  Contact us for further information

Chapter 8

Here at Fleet Livery Solutions we can offer the full Chapter 8 (rear chevrons) service. Chapter 8 is a legal requirement in Scotland and Wales.
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